“Green cars, homes, offices, appliances, designs, and renewable energies

will be the biggest growth industry of the 21st century.

You’ll see one or two grand-slam plays,

                    and in someone’s garage today

   there’s a breakthrough invention.”
   Ron Pernick and Cliff Wilder in their book “the clean tech revolution”

Bringing construction from the 18th/19th

                     into the 21st century

“I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent ....”   
Thomas A. Edison

Thank you for visiting our website.
We are more than PLEASED to announce that this is a temporary website.

Thanks to the guidance of an exceptional coach, what is pending is a far superior transformational componentized construction system that better meets the introductory description above than what preceeded. Only the concept and the history remains the same.

Please bear with us. We have significantly upgraded each of the components to improve their performance and ease of assembly. Several of the new components each will do what it took several components to achieve before. Best of all, an e~TECH structure will resist the worst that Mother Nature can hurl at it.

Now, an entire structure can be assembled primarily by unskilled labor using mainly a rubber mallet and Velcro tape ~ and as a Cradle-2-Cradle system, it can be disassembled, including the utilities, with a kitchen spatula or a putty knife and reassembled by the unskilled to meet your current needs.

We are now in the process to select the best performing materials as well as the most component producers to bring the system to the waiting market. 

The patenting process is safely underway; soon you will be able to see the whole componentized transformational system on a permanent website.

Would you fly in an airplane

                     that was built the same way

                                                  your home was built ?

Why is the most expensive purchase most of us make


when it could be stronger, more durable, healthier, leading-edge, less expensive to operate, generate far more electricity than it can use, easily reconfigurable to meet your current needs, be more variable in design and function, and at a far lower initial cost if it was manufactured the same way that virtually everything else we purchase is made?

Why shouldn’t our families have the best healthy, 
plus-net energy homes, workplaces, and educational facilities 
especially since they can be built at a significantly lower cost 
than the current structures that are environmentally unfriendly 
and have very high energy bills?

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
                                                                                                         Peter Drucker
'lifestyle eco~Village'                         by e~TECH
Plus-net energy, leading-edge, 'Green' homes that most families can afford
Plus-net energy, healthy, invigorating places to work and to learn
Man-made waste processing into product, Clean Fuel and electricity

“The construction industry has seen a 15% decline in productivity over the last 50 years,
in sharp contrast to other non-farm industries,
 which have shown an increase of 250% over this same period.”
from the book Refabricating Architecture

“While the other industries are moving fast forward into the Digital Age,

1800s                                       current
The Automobile Industry

The Communication Industry

The Airplane In​dustry

The Construction Industry
     construction – especially housing ~ hasn’t even entered the Industrial Age.”  

                                                                                                       underlying theme at the Focus on Housing: China Conference

In this, the space age, in construction we are repeating what our ancestors did centuries ago rather than using leading-edge materials in leading-edge methods that will pass dynamic engineering tests to erect the structures we need.

Leadership in the Transformation of Construction


       ‘Whole House’ PAIN POINTS                                                                               e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  building permit time ~ two+ weeks                                                                                  24 hours
  shortage of skilled workers                                                                                              unskilled labor
  inspection delays                                                                                                               demountable to inspect
  installation time – months                                                                                                 two weeks

       FOUNDATION PAIN POINTS                                                                                  e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks to months                                                                                one day
  skilled craftsmen in short supply                                                                                     common laborers
  dangerous open trench remains for months                                                                   backfilled same day
        filling with waste and cause of accidents
  waiting for concrete truck and pumper when forms are finally ready                           no concrete
  concrete industry recommends at least 28 days                                                             no concrete
        for concrete to cure before framing 
  waiting for concrete to cure = time, money and liability                                                 no concrete
  by not waiting, builder opens himself to class action lawsuits                                      no concrete
  concrete does not cure evenly                                                                                           built-in leveling system
        thus requiring leveling shims when framing  
  expensive to excavate below frost line in northern climates                                          frost-free foundation system
  must add insulation later with usual frost-free foundations                                            built-in insulation 
  must add drainage system later with frost-free foundation                                             built-in drainage 

                     FRAMING PAIN POINTS                                                                            e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks to months to years                                            as little as one day
  skilled craftsmen in short supply                                                                                        common laborers
  hand cut and fit on jobsite no matter how bad the weather                                             arrives cut to exact lengths
  results in many tons of waste                                                                                              no waste
  product is not plumb and true                                                                                              accurate to .002 inch
        making for tough fitting and future nailing
  requires nails = tight structure                                                                                            quickly bolted/inserted  
  which doesn’t allow for movement                                                                                     allows movement
  lack of movement = extensive damage from storms, earthquakes, snow                      easily handles Mother Nature
  must be drilled for electrical and plumbing installation                                                    clear channels for utilities

                      ROOFING PAIN POINTS                                                      e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks to months                                                                                     one day
  many layers                                                                                                                             single component    
  heavy pieces                                                                                                                            light-weight
  slippery/dangerous                                                                                                                 safe
  skylight installation expensive                                                                       at no additional cost

                       INSULATION PAIN POINTS                                                                        e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks                                                                                                          one half a day
  effected by moisture that penetrates the walls                                                                      not effected by moisture 
  excessive temperatures still pass through                                                                             blocks passage 
       from outside to inside and vice versa 
  awkward to install                                                                                                                      easy to carry and install

                       FLOORING PAIN POINTS                                                                             e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks                                                                                                            one day
  takes several layers to achieve                                                                                                 one component
  16” maximum span = more structure required                                                                        over 12’ span
  radiant heat expensive option                                                                                                    extruded in flooring
  needs finish added – staining/tile or linoleum                                                                          finish ingrained

                      WALL/CEILING PAIN POINTS                                                                       e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks                                                                                                            one day
  architects don’t design to 48” module = cutting, fitting and waste                                         48” module 
  danger from tons of waste dumped in open trenches                                                              no waste
  needs sealing at joints by skilled craftsmen                                                                              no sealing of joints 
  needs finish decor added                                                                                           ingrained décor optional
  permanent fixed decor on exterior and interior                                                                          panels easily interchangeable
        needs constant messy repainting in the future  
  must wait for utilities’ installation before starting                                                                      same crew at same time

                        UTILITIES PAIN POINTS                                                                                 e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks                                                                                                              one day
  framing must be drilled and threaded for utility installation                                                     has clear utility channels 
  hand cutting and connecting in the field                                                                                     plug-n-play 
  requires expensive union craftsmen for many days                                                                   primarily unskilled laborers
        must do all connections and services                                                                     except main service

  HEATING/COOLING PAIN POINTS                                                                                      e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks                                                                                                                 one day
  expensive to install                                                                                                                          inexpensive to install 
  expensive to use                                                                                                                              ‘free’ when used   

  RENEWABLES PAIN POINTS                                                                                                e~TECH’s SOLUTION
  installation time – weeks                                                                                                                   one day
  very expensive                                                                                                                                   no additional cost  
  very hard to install                                                                                                                              easy to install
  unattractive add-on or very expensive to build in                                                   attractive built-in
  crane and electricians required to install                                                                       only common labor


e~TECH is a disruptive technology innovator

  ... as a 50 plus year pioneer in construction, our founder has developed an interlocking;

transformational; component based; whole-building integrated; Cradle-2-Cradle; reconfigurable;

recyclable; method of construction whose parts are precision engineered in order to work

together to be easily assembled in a myriad of facilities ~ from a basic disaster relief shelter to a

luxury home; ~ to most other forms of structures that; will use far less energy than conventional

construction while generating more than it can use; while providing a healthier environment;

more natural light as well as provide greater resistance to Mother Nature in their operation

through resilient design ~ a building able to stand the test of time and Mother Nature yet cost 

significantly less than current out-of-date construction. 

       Lower energy use, high renewable content, and greater sustainability make this a truly 

‘Green’ method of construction which is in strong demand in construction today. Offering this at

a lower cost makes this truly transformational and a great investment to all.

                    This is achieved by a number of disruptive innovations:

            High-tech composites of fiber-reinforced polymers and biomass
            Componentized interlocking ~ interconnected structural components 
            Non-concrete adjustable foundation with optional water barrier and insulation
            Componentized interlocking building panels with built-in utility channels
            Componentized interlocking utilities 
            Building-integrated solar roofs and walls

Most of the R&D has been completed, many potential strategic alliance partners selected and

the company is now seeking partners in order to launch commercialization for the good of 

mankind, especially those most in need. 

   relief  is                 coming  soon

thanks to biotechnology, research and innovation
we will look at our cities of the future 
and wonder what took man so long.

The owner of this site passed away.